Vance County Schools

2022-25 Strategic Roadmap

The Strategic Roadmap is the guiding work for our district for the next three years. The plan was devised after reviewing data and metrics, gaining feedback from our stakeholders, and looking at the possibilities.

The Roadmap



Four Pillars

Profile of a Graduate

Profile of a Teacher

Profile of a Leader

Key Performance Indicators

Strategic Objectives


Dashboard of Performance



Superintendent’s Message

With more than a century dedicated to student success, Vance County Schools has established a rich history of developing responsible citizens to graduate and compete in the global economy. Building upon this established commitment, VCS strategically looks to the future to position our district to meet the societal needs and demands that lie ahead. 

VCS’s commitment to creating an environment where students are challenged academically and engaged global citizens happens within a community where diversity, inclusion, integrity, and high expectations are not only welcome, but embraced. The diversity of our community is a strength that not only enriches the learning environment with varied backgrounds, but prepares our graduates to better lead in a global environment. 

As part of the district’s commitment to providing broad experiences and opportunities, the 2022-25 Strategic Roadmap clearly defines objectives and delivers transformative outcomes. Looking through the lens of our four strategic pillars (Equity & Inclusion, High Performance Culture, Innovation, and Experiential Learning), we will create a personalized approach to learning that allows us to meet the needs of our community and develop the students, teachers, and leaders the world needs. We are honored to begin this journey together and we invite the involvement and commitment of the entire VCS community.

Dr. Cindy Bennett
Vance County Schools

Vision & Mission


Vance County Schools provides an adaptable educational setting where learning is a catalyst to the pursuit of dreams in an evolving society.


Vance County Schools is committed to providing broad experiences and opportunities to stakeholders that enable them to compete globally.

A System of Success

Profile of a

  • Invested
  • Culturally-Aware
  • Empathetic
  • Responsive
  • Growth Mindset

Profile of a

  • Learner Voice & Choice
  • Inclusive & Customized Education
  • Real-World Application

Profile of a

  • Collaborative
  • Adaptive
  • Creative
  • Strategic
  • Committed

Four Pillars

Five children, each with a Dr. Seuss book in their lap, sitting on a brightly colored rug on the floor of a classroom.

1. Equity & Inclusion

All learners will have access to high-quality, personalized learning experiences in an inclusive environment.

Two children sitting on the floor of a classroom pulling red, yellow and blue pieces of paper in different shapes out of a clear bag.

2. High-Performance Culture

An organizational culture built on accepted behaviors and norms that are encouraged by leaders and facilitated by optimal tools and processes.

A young student pointing at a video camera while sitting at a desk in front of a green screen as their teacher and another student look on from behind the desk.

3. Innovation

The process of creating efficient and effective processes for the development of the organization.

Two young children playing violins.

4. Experiential Learning

Engaging students in hands-on experiences, opportunities, and reflections.